Monday's Hearts

Scroll to view my fifty-two hearts, created each Monday for a year.  I got the idea from Page Hodel, who created beautiful hearts every Monday which she left on the doorstep of her partner, Madalene Rodriguez. Sadly, Madalene passed away of ovarian cancer a little less than a year after they met, but Page continues to do her beautiful hearts in remembrance of Madalene. I made my first heart on my birthday, Monday, January 9, 2012, right after buying myself a desk calendar entitled, Madalene's Hearts, and learning of Page's inspiring work. Several of my hearts are devoted to my mom, who received open heart surgery in May 2012. My fifty-second heart was made two days before my 50th birthday, Monday, January 7, 2013. I plan to continue to do make more hearts for different occasions in 2013. After the last heart here you will see a message I received from Page.

{1} Hearts of Hearts
{2} Open Heart
{3} Self-Love
{4} Hidden Love
{5} Love a Tree
{6} Good Friend
{7} Tread Softly
{8} Only Human
{9} Dreamer
{10} Homage
{11} Fairy Realm
{12} Intention
{13} Hooky
{14} Aspire
{15} Imagine
{16} Rock and a Heart Place
{17} Free Your Heart
{18} Bleeding Heart
{19} Mother's Heart
{20} Purple Heart
{21} My Path

{ 22} RainDay
{23} Genius
{24} Bowl of Fruit
{25} Bliss
{26} Green Bough

{27} Bread
{28} Autobiography
{29} Pandora's Heart
{30} A Single Heart
{31} Truth
{32} Kiss the Ground
{33} Hummingbird Medicine
{34} Authentic
{35} Sensitive
{36} Healing Heart
{37} Inner Goddess
{38} Heart Path
{39} New Light

{40} Infinite Heart

{41} Artist

{44} Walk
{45} Crystal Clear
{42} Fall in Love
{43} Shape Shifter
{46} Imitate the Trees
{47} Privilege
{48} Sacred

{49} Christmas
{50} Now
{51} Grow

{52} Best Part
In October I wrote to Page to tell her about my "Monday's Hearts" and let her know how much she and Madalene inspired me, and I got the nicest note back. I will forever be grateful for Page's beautiful hearts and inspiration!
October 22, 2012
dear kellie.
just so you know your email just melted my heart.
it has totally made my day that i have inspired you.
madalene was an unbelievable person and she would LOVE that you are inspired by our love.
we ALL are making the world a better place.
they are wonderful!!!!
have a wonderful week and thanks so much for the email.