Meditative Walking Exercises

Clearing the Body and Mind with Light

As you walk visualize a rainbow strand of light above you swirling down into the crown of your head and spiraling downward through your body.

At the same time  envision rainbow strands of light spiraling upward from the ground, being sent through your soles, and traveling up through your body.

Picture the light meeting in your heart, where the rainbow light strands join each other, a double strand now, the light continuing to spiral in its intended direction, from above to below, from below, to above.

Circle of Feelings, Bringing Awareness and Balance to Our Feelings
As you walk, invite your feelings to surface. Envision them gathering in a spacious area in your solar plexus, or center. As each feeling surfaces, do not judge, just feel it. When a feeling is “done", acknowledge its importance in the spectrum of feelings, then let it go and allow the next feeling to surface. By doing this it puts feelings back in balance as part of a whole.

Assimilating the Elements

Each day when I begin my walk I take the time to notice the elements of air, earth, fire and water, and the way they are related my physical body.

Gratefully, I breathe air deeply into my lungs, filling them with oxygen, and then expelling the air fully, releasing the old. Air is a beautiful balance of receiving and releasing.

I notice the path below my feet, sometimes it is firm, other times mushy and wet. With each step I take, I am aware that my bones and muscles strong like the earth.

I appreciate the fire that comes from the sunlight that is present even on cloudy days. I am aware of the fire within, my digestive system, and how it assimilates nutrients and transmutes them to energy in my body, just as the sun releases energy that transforms the earth.

I am soothed by the flowing water sources that surround me as I walk. I am reminded of the vast amount of water inside my own body. I envision the water within, flowing, clean and pure just as the water in the streams I encounter is pure and flowing.