Thursday, May 5, 2016

Queen of the World

Yes! I am the Queen of the World.
{M.S. Burrell}

For a long time, when walking through the forest, I have noticed queens' crowns. I imagine they belong to the Queen Mother herself, Mother Earth.

With my new spring walking (I used to leave the forest in spring, as ticks appeared) the crowns have stood out more than ever. I started snapping shots of them as I went along in early April, and as I continue to photograph them, I have noticed jewels from nature are beginning to appear.

In tribute to Mother's Day, and to honor the new moon in earth sign Taurus on May sixth, I thought I would share some of the wondrous crowns I am finding.

Perhaps I shall begin to embellish some along the way; nevertheless, each have extraordinary details all on their own.
Crown & Sceptre

Fit for a Queen

Queen's Sunday Best

Warrior Queen

Crowning Glory

Party Crown

Crown Jewels

A Fern In Her Crown

Empress' New Crown

Everyday she imagined placing a beautiful crown upon her head to remind herself she was powerful, resourceful, intelligent, and wise woman worthy of her own admiration. {}