Friday, May 20, 2016

Owl Whisperer

I've been communicating with Owls. This is a clip of one of our conversations:

Learning to communicate has been a process. On a hike a couple of months ago, I heard an owl hooting and I hooted back. To my surprise it came to me, a Barred Owl, landing in a nearby tree. I wasn't able to snap a shot of it, as it was hidden in an evergreen, but I saw it as it swooped in silently.

Then, I began to hear the owl at the same time, and in the same location, everyday on the late afternoon walks I take after finishing up my tutoring assignments. So, one day I decided to hoot again, and sure enough it came and alighted in a nearby tree. It left me a feather, too.

I now visit the area daily, it is nearby a swamp which I have named, Owl Swamp. The owl has visited me countless times. Of course the above video shows my most prized visitation, when two owls presented themselves.

In his iconic book, Animal Speak, Ted Andrews says of owls:

"Often those with an owl as a power totem have a unique ability to see into the eyes and soul of others. Often these perceptions are discarded as wild imaginings or with such phrases as "What in the world would I think that about this person?" These kinds of imaginings, positive and negative, should be trusted."

I have been thinking about communication ever since. I have decided not to discount the feelings I get when communicating with others, even if they don't match what is being said.

Owl is teaching me a valuable lesson, and I am grateful to be its student.