Tuesday, March 31, 2015


I am a closet runner. On my walks in the woods I love to actually run. However, I don't identify myself as a runner and the reason seems like a silly one: I don't wear the running gear.

When I run, I wear a long down coat, a wool hat that doesn't match, tall sheepskin boots, with Yaktrax attached--to prevent slipping, and puffy mittens.

So, because I don't have the trendy running jacket, pants, or shoes, not to mention Smart accessories, I don't identify myself as a runner. I usually go off trail to some location where I can run freely and am not apt to come across a neon green-jacketed, smartly-capped runner. 

When I run I imagine that if I were to catch another person off guard they might think a Sasquatch was running at them. This, of course, makes me laugh hysterically while running, which may make me even scarier to come across!

 Recently, when I shared this story with my friend, she sent me this clip:

I told her, "That's it!"

Only picture all the heavy gear! :)