Friday, January 17, 2014

Homage, Observe


(v.) : to watch, and sometimes also listen to, carefully

I was surrounded by school children in a dream I once had. We were on a field trip. A few teachers were there and I was uncertain of my role. All around me the children ran; we were out in nature, in a clearing. Suddenly, I saw a tree stump, it was freshly cut, and I could see its many rings; it seemed to beckon me to take a seat upon it. Once I sat, I knew my role: to sit and observe.

On my walk today, after paying homage to nature by making the little altar above (if you look closely, you will see the dream stone sits upon a rusted old bed spring, from a mattress once abandoned in the woods) I realized that the dream tree had really invited me to become part of it. What are some of the things trees might observe, I wondered?

Here are some things I observed while walking.