Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Mixed-up Flowers

The pansies in my front planters have become scraggly so I went to the flower shop yesterday. I was fortunate enough to get my brother to join me! I told him what color combo I liked and we got started, perusing the whole place and coming up with the combo at least three times--only to disregard each batch of particular flowers and start again--for various reasons, all the while laughing our heads off, in the rain! Rich was so funny, acting like a true flower connoisseur, goading me, "You MUST have this one." I was losing interest fast and at least three times I tried to abandon all and run for the car, but he made me stay with it. Toward the end he kept picking up flowers and getting pricked. We were surprised at how many flowers had pickers on them--until we realized it was his chemotherapy side effect--sensitivity in his hands to temperature changes.

So the fourth combo came home with me. It is very pretty, it has the blue, white and pink I wanted and a little twist with some soft coral we threw in at the last minute.

But of course the pansies all raised their heads and smiled at me when I pulled in to the driveway. Now I need to find them a new home! But where?