Saturday, March 2, 2013


Each day as I walk, I remind myself I have enough. I am enough.
I mean what do I need really? Not much.

In terms of material I have enough. Do I have clothes for every day, no matter what the occasion? Yes. Do I have shoes for every season? Yes. 

My house is enough. It is warm and cozy. It is pretty and sits along a brook. Beautiful gardens surround it in the summer. Pretty trees catch the snowfall in the winter; I see all of this from a big picture window that overlooks my yard. Is my house a big house? No. But it is enough.

My house is full of things. My favorite pieces of furniture are my couch and my bed, they are the most comfortable. My house is full of art. My favorite pieces are art I have made and art that has been gifted to me: paintings, photographs, sculptures, teacups. There are enough things in my house. I don't need a single thing more.

Suffice it to say, I have enough equipment, my trusty laptop to compose my stories and record my dreams.

My family is enough. There just 4 of us, including our dog. Because we are small we always know what is going on with one another. We like being home together; we share a comfortable routine with one another; we have fun traveling together.

I have an extended family, through the years I have lost some who were really special to me. I mourn the loss, but the family I still have supports me and loves me, and I them, and they are enough for me.

I have a few really good friends. A few really good friends is more than I could ever ask for. They are enough to me.

My days are filled with walks, and chores, good food, mothering, laughter on most, meetings, reading, dreams, yoga, art and writing.

I have enough, I am enough.