Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Partners with the Universe

Today my dear friend and I were chatting it up and she mentioned about a process she is going  forward with in her life and how she has "opened the windows and the doors." She is now awaiting for the sign of how and where to proceed. Other than the preliminaries, there is nothing more she needs to do for this project she is developing; she truly must now wait.

It dawned on me while we were chatting that this is exactly what co-creating is. It is being in partnership with the Universe; if we allow this partnership to be symbiotic, then we take a step, and we allow the Universe to show us a step, and so forth. 

I like this view. I like the idea that I don't necessarily have to run up the staircase two steps at a time, or leap off a cliff, to find myself in a cool pool of possibilities. In fact, if I am just willing to get my feet wet, then pause, I might find myself in a soothing stream of steady flow instead of a too familiar riptide.

I think the balance here is not losing focus when the Universe provides a step, but also not thinking I have to figure it all out at once either when an opportunity does arise. Instead, I need to just be willing to keep taking the steps, or, as my friend put it, opening the windows and doors along the way. This feels manageable and exciting as I sail into my next chapter of life. Maybe that's what the fifties are all about, a dance: moving forward, sitting in meditation, moving, sitting. 

How often do we allow ourselves the sitting? How often do we trust that the Universe is our partner? Maybe the Universe is our other half, always there, not judging, just waiting then showing.

Moving, sitting, trusting, moving, sitting, trusting, this is flow.

Universe (n.) : the world of human experience