Monday, July 23, 2012

Monday's Heart 29, Pandora's Heart

A while ago now, a dear friend and I were hashing over life's woes, as we so regularly do in an effort to sort it all out and remain sane. We came to the conclusion, largely because of something she said, that what is inside of Pandora's box is our own doing. And not just that, it's the very stuff we want to pretend does not exist.

The myth of Pandora's box has variations. The classic version is Zeus ordered a master craftsman to make him a daughter, Pandora, and so she was molded from water and earth by Hephaestus, clothed by Athena, given her beauty by Aphrodite and her speech from Hermes. Then Zeus became angered that Prometheus stole fire from heaven and used Pandora as his secret weapon of revenge, giving her to Prometheus' brother, Epimetheus. He gifted Pandora with a beautiful container and told her it must never be opened. But open it she did, exposing all of the evils of the world, for which she remained in constant regret and remorse. It isn't hard to see where female guilt comes from sometimes, is it?

But, what exactly do we keep in our own Pandora's box? That's something to think about. What are the precious items we hide, perhaps out of fear, perhaps in an effort to preserve them? And, should we untie the ribbon from time to time and let some of these things out?

I think so.

Inside my box, among other things, is a rainbow. It represents the colorful way I see the world. I shoved it in there long ago when I was told one too many times that I was acting too silly. Stop dreaming, get to work, don't speak that aloud, I kept hearing. But unless I let this rainbow out, I will never find my rainbow tribe I now realize. (Truth be told, I have snuck it out on occasion and found a few of my tribe, though I don't acknowledge it aloud in mixed company, it's just easier to remain silent. Or is it?)

Some say the spirit of hope was left in the bottom of the box. So, today, I am untying the ribbon and letting something out of my box. Maybe I'll keep the lid off for a little while....

We're obsessed with h
ow the world sees us. We strive to appear smart, confident, generous, ambitious....but how do we see ourselves?
{Rainn Wilson}