Thursday, April 5, 2012

Table of Eight

back porch dining...:

I received a chain email from a friend who never sends them, so I opened it. It was entitled, "Table of Eight." The premise was, the friend sending the email did so because she would include me at her table of eight women, whom she would call together for the purpose of soulful exchanges and sustenance.
It got me thinking, and I thoroughly enjoyed selecting each of my eight women to send emails off to. I would know if each held mutual feelings for me because the email instructs, "send this back if you would include me as one of your eight."

So, it also became an exercise to see if my feelings toward another would be returned. Besides the original friend, I got responses from two friends. I was happy to receive the validation. For a while, I kept their emails to remind me of my connection to these terrific, and inspiring, women.

Today I realized I have exactly eight followers on my blog.
I am intrigued that a table of eight showed up randomly.

Sometimes I guess our table is revealed to us. Try as we may, we do not control the conditions which will allow others to show up.

Sometimes people appear when we don’t expect it; sometimes we forget to even notice.

I  think it matters who we are. Are we showing up for others? Are we showing up for ourselves? 

It is nice to know that who I am matters to some.

Who would you invite to your table of eight?