Thursday, February 9, 2012

Work Like a Walk

Recently I listened to Deepak Chopra's series entitled, The Seven Laws of Yoga. Law 6 is the Law of Detachment. In this segment Chopra reminds us to be very clear about what we want, envision in in great detail, he tells us --and then-- "Let it go." This is the part where we allow the Universe to provide for us exactly what it is we want, but we remain detached about how it will get here.

I have been practicing this.

I made some gestures to honor this law, one being I stopped asking the same question of my dreams (Where? As in, where is my next work place?) I even wrote the question down and sent the piece of paper over a waterfall, (having gone over a waterfall in my friend's dream) recently. I did this to honor the Law of Detachment and show my trust that these answers will arrive if I stop trying to control when, where and how.

Actual waterall in my friend's dream

Then I began to have dreams where my vehicle was out of control. I wound up in two accidents, neither being my fault, in both I calmly took ownership of my vehicle, and in the second dream, my vehicle made it home safely, without me even in it. Perhaps these dreams confirm my detachment.

Though we are told to let go, Chopra tells us to get a visceral sense of what we want, to feel the feelings of what it will be like when we do have what we want. So I have been focusing on how I want my work environment to feel, without assuming I know exactly where this will be.

Today on my walk I realized the vision of what I want is simple; I want a job that is just like my walks.

I want a clear path to begin on, where I am reasonably comfortable and sure-footed, and can see where I am headed. And I want to be exposed to many diverging paths, with a choice of how I will navigate them along the way.

I want coworkers like the trees I visit on my journeys. They stand steady and strong, yet they are yielding.  They are unique individuals, yet are part of a greater community. They each generate energy within the community and each are supported by the kinship of the other trees around them. Trees don't get stuck in ego.

Like the rivers and streams I encounter on my walks, I want the same crisp, clear flowing energy in my work. The only rushing I want is the constancy of ideas and their manifestation, just as the water flows deliberately down the mountain I climb.

Like the rocks I climb and sit upon, I want to feel supported regardless of how I choose to shape my work.

I want to make discoveries  and receive pleasant "bolts from the blue" and be open to seeing these as tools for growth and learning.

I want work, like my walks, to have spontaneity, and joy, and loyal companionship every single day.

I dared to ask my dreams "Where?" once more.

That night I dreamt about a red convertible sports car full of items just for me, for a trip I was taking. My good friend brought them to me before I embarked on my journey. It takes me a while but when I get to the car, the car is ignited by a male and its body becomes burnt-out, but my friend is able to restore it for me. When I visit her, she is painting a piece of the car that reminds me of a headboard from a bed.

This dream, once again a car dream, reminds I have support and the convertible shows me my views are wide open. Though I become burnt out, the fire brings about restoration. The painting and the headboard remind me of my art. I have an actual headboard that I retrieved from the woods on a walk that awaits transformation into a work of art, in my garage.

The message of the dream: follow my art.....

: an inert medium in which a medicinally active agent is administered   : any of various media acting usually as solvents, carriers, or binders for active ingredients or pigments

: an agent of transmission

: a medium through which something is expressed, achieved, or displayed