Monday, February 27, 2012

Monday's Heart 8, Only Human

Nothing penetrates the human heart as does a personal, fervent prayer and its heaven-sent response. " {Thomas Monson}
This Monday I found myself at the Baystate Cardiac Surgery Office with my mom and sister. While there, we were on a mission to find hearts to post for the Monday's Heart blog today. My sister had her Blackberry, so I was able to show my mom my Monday's heart projects up until now, while we were waiting. When she was through looking at them, she said, "Oh look Kel," and pointed to the reception window and we snapped this photo:

The irony was not lost on us, as my mom will be undergoing cardiac surgery soon. It only seemed fitting we include a "human heart" in the Monday's Heart blog as we are now focused on getting my mom's heart better. She is holding a model of one in the above photo. It surprised me how the human heart is actually similar to the stylized heart shape used in art.

From what I have learned the stylized version may have come from the shape of a seedpod of a now extinct African plant, from seventh century B.C., that became associated with love. Christians associate the shape with the Sacred Heart, a vision from Saint Margaret Mary Alocoque, of a heart wrapped in thorns, from around the 1600's. And still others think the heart shape as we know it came from a botched attempt to draw the human heart by ancients, including Aristotle, who believed the human heart contained all human passions. (source)

Each day on my walks, I send out a personal, fervent prayer that my mom's heart will heal. I agree with the Greek philosophers who thought the human heart contains all passions. Maybe it is no coincidence then, that my mom's surgeon is Greek. And perhaps a heaven-sent response was received today, a golden wheat penny, dated 1956, the year my mom turned 17 and began nurses; training, appeared in the change tray when we purchased some cups of tea at the hospital. I can't help but think it may have been sent from my dad, who collected wheat pennies. A penny from heaven.

It is truly gold in color, I have never seen anything like it!