Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Illuminated Path

This was the path I was provided with while walking today. Glistening, it seemed to be confirming I am on the right path in my life. I felt excited by this because I had a client coming to do work with her dreams and make some dream art. I knew the session would be a good one when I saw my path lit up.

I love when I take photos into the light and the colors in the spectrum reveal themselves such as the photo above. It seems to me the I am being shown the spirit realm. Twelve years ago, when I began the study of dreams I was shown the magic of light in a dream. The dream came, I believe, from my intentional work visualizing light while on my walks.

 I began to incorporate light work into my walks in 1999.  Here is how I would do it:

As I walked, I would visualize a rainbow strand of light (I liked the idea of using all the colors of the spectrum, which correspond to the chakras) swirling from above and down into the crown of my head (the seventh chakra) and spiraling downward through my body. At the same time I would envision rainbow swirls of light spiraling upward from the ground, being sent through my soles, then into my first chakra, and traveling up through my body. I would picture the light meeting in my solar plexus, or "center," (the third chakra) where the rainbow light strands would join each other, enhanced, a double strand. The light would continue to spiral in its intended direction, from above to below, from below, to above, through each of the chakras.


I used the vision of this colorful light as a way to move pent up energy I was feeling either physically, emotionally, or both, and as a means of healing these areas. My intention was to leave  my body, mind and spirit clearer and freer. I performed this exercise consistently for many days on my walks. I can tell you, I always felt stronger after doing this. I believe it was the focused intention on clearing and healing, along with the physical exercise of walking, as well as the discipline of performing both the physical and mindful exercise over and over, that helped.

At the same time I was doing dream work. It started by sharing my dreams daily with my friend; this led to reading a lot on the subject, then attending classes on dream work. My friend and I started a dream circle as well. 

While I was performing the rainbow light exercise and delving deeply into my dreams, I had this amazing dream:

I awake in my bedroom; I hear otherworldly music and at the same time I see a rainbow swirl of light undulating to the musical rhythm, slowly, above my head. It enters through the top my head and flows through my body. The vibrations as the light goes through are intense, like a strong whoosh! They are healing, I can feel this. I look to the foot of my bed and notice the African violet on the table  there has a rainbow swirl of light hovering above it. I can feel my entire body vibrating with a rhythmic, pulsing, healing energy.

I then wake from the dream still feeling the strong healing vibrations in my hands.

It is certainly one of the most profound dreams I have ever had and I believe it has everything to do with the months I spent walking and working with the light.

The dream was a confirmation that the light work I was doing was indeed registering and intensely healing. By seeing it above the blooming plant, it confirmed to me that all living things share this light.

That night I gave the light of the healing dream to my sleeping husband. To this day I "send light" to friends and family and those in need, and they to me. It is one way I  pray for others, and I have every reason to believe it is being received and in some way helping.

The dream has stayed with me and prompted me to continue along my path to where I am now, writing about dreams, doing art based on dreams, and teaching dream art classes.