Sunday, February 26, 2012

A 100 Happy Things

A year ago, in an effort to remind myself of what truly makes me feel happy I started a list. I decided to put together 100 things that produce that happy feeling. You know that feeling, where everything feels lighter and brighter? I gave myself as long as I needed, reminding myself to pay attention as happy things surfaced along the way. It took me just about a year to gather a hundred items on the list. Each one truly gives me that feeling of "all is well in the world.." Since today is the exact day I began the list a year ago, I thought it would be nice to publish it, to affirm my happy things.

A Hundred Happy Things (started 2/26/11)

1.polka dots



4. coloring

5. decorator magazines

6. walking
7. my son, Benjamin

8. kelly green                                               

9. tea

10. the house to myself

11. the views from my windows   

12. my bed

13. my bedroom

14. my blog

15. my dreams

16. my laptop

17. laughing with friends

18. my gardens

19. a great outfit

20. my hair

21. yoga

22. a good book

23. a good blog

24. keys       

25. well wishers

26. trees                                        

27. my down parka

28. my sheepskin boots

29. my kitchen

30. mornings and tea

31. coming home

32. naps

33. colored glass   

34. my yoga studio

35. my yoga teachers                                          

36. sharpies

37. coloring books

38. Beatrix Potter books 

39. gardening 

40. gardens

41. hummingbirds

42. birds singing

43. frogs

44. my back porch    

45. Monday mornings (secretly)

46. summer mornings with Benjamin

47. picnics

48. water

49. ladybugs    

50. the art gallery where I teach, at night

51. candle light

52. spring

53. rain

54. puddles

55. Benjamin and Steve talking about boy stuff

56. the smell of lilacs outside my window    

57. the smell of lily of the valley

58. bleeding hearts

59. forget me nots    

60. tea cups

61. my art                                                                     

62. bumblebees

63. Paul Newman iced coffee

64. popcorn

65. working with the Law of Attraction

66. my Nook

67. comfy and pretty button down blouses   

68. riding around talking with Benjamin

69. Ribsy, my walking companion 

70. synchronicity

71. being home all day

72. summer vacation

73. the color of my bedroom, moondust

74. my pretty house  

75. Christmas decorations

76. cocoa  

77. my story

78. freedom from vices

79. my mom

80. being healthy

81. green tea

82. vacations 

83. Grand Canyon   

84. painted toenails

85. quiet

86. me

87. blue skies

88. Monday’s hearts  

89. dreams

90. clear messages from the Universe

91. Nature

92. deer running through the forest, in my view

93. birds 

94. paths

95. vintage things 

96. snow falling

97. water flowing        

98. ice crystals

99. light
100. Billie Holiday music

I feel so fortunate to have all of these things in my life. I'm really glad I made the list, it is very uplifting to read it, a good reminder. I highly recommend making a list of your own. I think I will make another entitled, A Hundred More Happy Things.