Monday, January 9, 2012

One Word, Love

This year the word I chose for my theme is LOVE. I am very encouraged by this. I feel clever for choosing this word, how can I have a bad year if LOVE is my word?

I chose my first "theme word" for the new year two years ago after reading The Call, by Oriah Mountain Dreamer. In it she suggested we focus on a single word. She writes, “So ask yourself this: If I could say one word to the world, if I knew the world was listening attentively and would to the best of its ability follow the directive this word sent out, what would that word be?”

That year I chose the word "open". I was beginning the year by hosting a monthly dream circle and teaching classes on art and dreams at my city art gallery. I wanted to be open to receiving those who were meant to come my way, and be open to exploring ideas around building this practice.

The second year I chose the word "close", to remind myself I can have boundaries when necessary. I found while trying to remain open the year prior, I shared deeply and personally and sometimes felt tread upon by insensitive people when I did not expect it.

This year I chose the word love for my theme because I want to handle every encounter, every issue, every person that comes my way, with love. But most of all, I realize, I need to give myself love.

Inspiring author, Anita Moorjani says that if you love yourself, you will end up giving love to others automatically. This sounds like a no-brainer, just love me, and the rest will follow. I'm in.

Here is how I envision this year of self love to go, I see myself visiting places, doing activities, being with people, wearing clothes, eating foods that make me feel good. I will be honest with myself about what I am feeling in each moment, as much as I can, and from these feelings I will derive the people, places and things that truly make me feel happy, energized, creative, joyful, content...this equates to self love to me. And I will not judge when I do or do not feel these positive feelings, just notice then proceed, or, if need be, stop. My "open" and "close" themes have helped me with my understanding of this as well.

Since having this love theme in place, magical and spontaneous things have started to happen already, to support my decision to love myself. The world has been listening attentively.

I went to the bookstore looking for a desk calendar, something I love to do in January when they are half-off. And what did I find buried, but a calendar of hearts? Fifty-two different hearts made from 'stuff'. For instance, the first one of the year was fashioned of party blowers, and mini champagne bottles and confetti, then photographed. Upon finding this I felt so sure  my inner radar of love was working spot on. I quickly made my purchase then zipped to the car and opened it to find this little story: Page, the artist, makes a new heart each Monday, in honor and memory of the love of her life, Madalene. When she first met Madalene she would make Madalene a heart each Monday and leave it on her doorstep. Sadly, Madalene passed away of ovarian cancer the year they met, but Page still goes on making the hearts for Madalene.
 In honor of this loving tradition, created by Page, and my love theme, I am going to make a heart every Monday this year too. I will feature each right here.

Today is Monday, and this is my first heart, and the best thing is that my first heart is on my birthday. :)

When we give our self permission to love our self, the world wraps us in a big ole hug and breathes a sigh of, "Thank you."

You, yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection. Buddha