Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Making Do

I am finally settling in to almost summer. I realized it today. Whenever I walked by a window in my home, there was some gorgeous view of one of my gardens.

These later blooming Miss Kim lilacs, are just outside one of my windows and the smell they send wafting through the house is dreamlike.

By now the peonies and irises are going crazy, profuse with intoxicating blooms.

Sometimes I get a little sad thinking about them passing soon as summer offically rolls in, but then I try to remember new blooms will take their place. But the truth is, there is really nothing quite like a sping garden to me, alive with anticipation and possibilities.

I had talked about my garden theme this year being art, but unexpectedly a new theme took its place: making do. We are going on a summer trip to the Grand Canyon mid-August, so I realized I didn't want to go to crazy with annuals this year, both for cost, and the fact that they may perish while I'm gone. So instead, I started looking around at things I have right here in my gardens already for my planters.

I found alyssum that planted itself in the stones.

And my neighbor gifted me with 6 snapdragons, so my box planter is really all set.

Tiny alyssum in the front

To fill garden 'holes', areas that call for a little color, I realized I had plenty of specimens that can just be divided and inserted.

 Like these sweet campanula, that bloom all summer...

... and this cheerful catmint that does the same.

More and more, I realize how I really do have most of what I need already, I just have to be clever (and patient) enough to spot it.