Monday, May 30, 2011

Frogs, Peonies and Irises

Just Yesterday

Spring has given birth and summer is coming. My first peony opened today. There is nothing like the smell of a peony, it brings me back to my grandmother's 'parlor' and her cut glass vase on the coffee table filled with the sizeable magenta, fuchsia and white ruffled heads of the fragrant flower. To this day, when I inhale a peony, I resort back to the little girl I once was, encountering the flower for the first time, sitting at my grandmother’s feet.

I think those flowers helped give me the robust olfactory sense that I carry with me today. I have to stop and smell the flowers when I enter any garden. I have made some invigorating discoveries by doing so. For instance, my soft purple irises smell like grapes, and their yellow counterparts, like lemons! Along with my first peony came my first iris today too.

My closest friends know that I have been corresponding with toads of late, and now frogs are coming to visit in droves. Each night they croak to me their secrets from trees and puddles. I am raising my very own frogs too, as thousands were born on my pool cover and relocated into my brook, but a few decided to stay for a while.

Ahhh, summer, when every person has a chance to become a child again. I cannot wait to see what else is in store.