Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Walking, A Metaphor For Life

I move.
Flickers of crystals cling,
to the sheep skin,
wrapping my ankles and feet.
Nature’s breath burns my cheeks,
blows through me.
A dim golden ember sends a faint welcome warmth,
to my bones.
Thickly layered Earth supports me,
Her sharp edges pleasingly dulled,
Her dark places tenderly swathed,
lie sleeping now,
tossing and turning,
in the life of their dreams.
Temporary hills and valleys,
settle themselves,
into an imposed yet harmonious relationship.
My body winds rhythmically with
some effort to keep my stride and balance.
Energy of Nature’s elements,
moving through my own elements.
I open my containers.
I am
on an old familiar path,
with a
sacred new beginning.
a metaphor for life.