Monday, February 14, 2011

The Walk

My favorite hat is the one I wear walking; full of pulls it keeps me warm and has been gently tugged at by branches that reach to touch it, us, as we navigate the snowy trails.
I tell my friends in jest that I wear too many hats and I am going create a piece of art entitled “too many hats." I know what it looks like, it is a big wheel that turns and nailed to each pie shaped wedge is one of my hats. My walking hat would be at twelve o’clock on the wheel; it is the hat that sustains me.
I began thinking about wearing so many hats when I was juggling several projects this past fall, wearing several hats: artist, creating a piece for a show, bookkeeper for my family’s catering business,  parent advisor in the public schools, workshop facilitator to a group of women with cancer, mother of a young teen.
I remember the day the thought came; I was talking to a friend over coffee. I was particularly glazed-eyed that morning and my friend asked me if I was okay. I really did not have an answer. I wasn’t sure. I sputtered out my best, “Yes,” and I knew it was going to require some more thought.
Today, four months later, while on my walk wearing my hat with pulls, I finally realized I am okay.
This realization formed with the clarity of the very crystals I was dancing through, with reverie. The snow bounty has provided me a strong path in the forest this year. And equally powerfully, I realized too I could actually hang all my hats on one wheel and be whole. A whole wheel of hats.
You are getting a sample right now, my new blog, another hat to add to my whole. I am putting on my blog writer’s cap, the official team cap. Up until now I have only been hanging out at practices and joining in the scrimmages.

This blog will blend my walks, art, and dreams--both sleeping and awaking--into what I hope will be a satisfying mixture to read.
 Come on along for the walk.